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Every year, Rosignano stages 'Musicantiere', a Community Music Festival, in October or December.

The festival features a concert by youth rock bands from Rosignano and its twin towns.
Bands have to be 17-25 years old and perform their own material.

Musselburgh bands performed in most years from 2000 to 2007.

In 2007, the Musselburgh band was Havana Fayre.

Here are photos of some of the members when they went over in 2005, as part of 'Sense'.
Tardis Abbey Strada?
Name in lights
The gig is in the 'Ordigno' Community Theatre in Vada, one of Rosignano's two seaside resorts,

and looks something like this ...

Callum Daniel
Pisa protest

If you're interested in performing in the next 'Musicantiere', enquire here.

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