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Our series of walking weekends has ended up rotating around the three towns. We hold one in Musselburgh, then one in Rosignano, then one in Champigny etc.
It was Champigny's turn to host in October, 2009.
We began with lunch and a walk around Champigny.
Lunch at 'O Ocean'
On day 2, we joined a Champigny walking club on its trip to Vincent van Gogh country around Auvers-sur-Oise.
Much of this open country features in Vincent's paintings...
... and there was, of course, a break for lunch.
Fields Picnic

On day 3, we had a fascinating walk through little-known districts of Paris, following the course of the river Bièvre -
including an impromptu Breton dancing session with some locals in a neighbourhood park.
Breton dance

And by this time, there was plenty to talk about at the final dinner in Champigny town hall.
Dinner Mairie
The next weekend was to be in Scotland in April, 2010.
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