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The last Italian weekend was in Rosignano, from 1st-4th October, 2010. Our walkers found themselves in an event to 'revive' La Via Francigena, part of the old pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. On Day One they walked from Castagno d'Elsa to Gambassi Terme in company with 220 other walkers from all over Italy.

Here is Umberto unloading one of the two minibuses at the start...
... and here the walk is well under way.
Umberto unloading Under way

There was olive oil and wine tasting on the way, at the Azienda Agricola Pietafitta.

A taste of oil and wine

On Day Two, for the walk from Corazzano to San Miniato, there were around 350 people. Some walked, some rode horses and others rode bikes.
Here is a group of walkers from Musselburgh, Rosignano and Pardubice (Czech Republic).
The day's walk ended at the Vescovile Seminary in San Miniato, with lunch, speeches and a visit.
Start of Day 2 End (Seminary)

There was a final party back in Rosignano. The walkers were presented with olive oil and Mariella's own home made jam.

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