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In 2007 we joined forces with the Musselburgh group of the Ramblersí Association for a walking weekend with groups from Champigny and Rosignano.
Since then there have been four weekends in Rosignano, three in Champigny and three more in Scotland.

The latest walking weekend was hosted by Musselburgh on 27th and 28th September, 2014.
We were joined by five walkers from Champigny.
(Unfortunately, no-one from Rosignano was able to come.)

On Saturday we walked from Dirleton to North Berwick along the beach...
NB Beach

... then the more intrepid walkers climbed the Law.
NB Law 1 NB Law 2

On Sunday, we walked around Edinburgh's hills and green spaces. Lunch was a picnic in Greyfriars Kirkyard.


You can see some pictures of the last weekend in Tuscany by clicking here, of the last weekend in Champigny by clicking here, and of the previous Scottish weekend by clicking here.

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